We are dedicated to providing to communities and individuals within them with the information and resources they need in order to understand, prevent, recognize, treat, and support the recovery of patients affected by Lyme Disease or Toxic Mold Illness.

This website offers a range of resources to help communities and individuals learn about and learn how to manage Lyme Disease and/or Toxic Mold Illness. The number of people with both of these conditions is increasing as our local communities experience several climactic changes (particularly mold and ticks).

Environmental Illnesses affect entire families and communities. Until broad knowledge of the illnesses and their causes and treatments is achieved, citizens affected by these illnesses struggle unnecessarily in isolation and often do not know where to turn for help.

This website offers information for communities and individuals in a range of formats about

  • Each illness
  • Insights from local professionals and persons coping with these illnesses
  • Stories of how communities have responded successfully to the needs of their citizens
  • Stories of people who have been diagnosed with these illnesses
  • Resources available for information
  • Local professionals who treat these illnesses
  • Other resources in the community who can assist either the community or an individual in obtaining diagnosis, appropriate response and recovery.

We are a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) dedicated to educating informing, supporting, assisting and raising community awareness of Toxic Mold Illness and Lyme Disease. Each of these illnesses can be quite dangerous if not treated. Yet many people, and some physicians, do not test for these diseases routinely.

This site does not provide medical treatment or advice. We can only offer information about many aspects of these conditions. All information should be checked with your physician. Further, this site is no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment for either Lyme Disease or Toxic Mold Illness. If you believe that the information we provide suggests that you may have either condition, we urge you to see your physician immediately.

Although many people are aware of Lyme Disease and Toxic Mold Illness, a significant proportion of them do not have a deeper knowledge of either condition. We use this site as one way to offer education to you. If you have general questions that we have not addressed, please use our contact form to let us know about them. We will do our best to provide answers as quickly as possible.

At 4-Word Bound, our work is focused upon and defined by 4 Words: realization, replenishment, restoration, and re-creation.