4-Word Bound Mission

The mission of 4-Word Bound, Inc. is to help communities to develop a self-sustaining responsive group in their community that can teach and assist its citizens to prepare for and respond to emerging environmental issues and their impacts upon the community. Our work is to help communities within their boundaries to gather existing resources, to cultivate staffing/volunteers, teach and support the Our Mission - 4-Word Bound, Inccommunity to prepare for, mitigate the impacts of, direct people to community professionals and resources, and to help community members dealing with the health impacts of those environmental issues and events.

Our primary focus at this time is to address community needs centered around mold exposure and tick-borne health issues. Our work is accomplished with a four-pronged approach:

  • Realization and education on the effects of environmental illnesses at both the community and the individual levels.
  • Restoration and facilitation of community systems, structures and resources to support community efforts and to meet individual needs during an environmental event and in its aftermath with a view to facilitation the healing process of the community and its citizens.
  • Replenishment and support to restore damaged or fragmented communities, relationships, local structures, and effects of environmental events for both the community as a whole, and for individual members of the community.
  • Re-Creation and Assistance in redefining and reconstructing the mind, body and soul of individuals and the soul, resources and systems of the community.

4-Word Bound collaborates with existing area resources to ensure development of appropriate local plans, structures and response systems. We endeavor to work with the community leadership and these professionals to ensure association, support, and offers of service from appropriate medical and other professionals who can assist with the needs of the community and individuals within it to recover from an environmental event and its effects.

4-Word Bound is a non-profit agency and operates solely for purposes that qualify as charitable purposes contemplated by Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. 4-Word Bound is nonsectarian, nonpartisan ad noncommercial.