Meet Our Board

The members of the 4-Word Bound Board of Directors are:

Mitzi Hartwell, President, is a graduate of Radford University with experience in development, design and implementation of alternative services, systems programming and business management.

Mitzi Hartwell - 4-wordbound.orgMitzi has accumulated a variety of skill sets throughout her professional career. She has served as a direct service provider, Supreme Court mediator, corporate director, mental health professional, trainer and educator. Mitzi’s experience includes extensive work/projects focused on assisting others with personal challenges.  Mitzi developed multiple alternative service approaches and systems. She has served as a change agent in businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies.

Mitzi holds a strong worth ethic. She has a strong commitment to helping others.  Mitzi began the 4-Word Bound, Inc. movement to address associated deficits.


Amber Johnson, Vice President, recently located to the Roanoke Valley from Florida.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in School Psychology. She has served others in the social services field for more than 11 years. Throughout her career, she has worked as a catalyst to ensure appropriate service delivery to a large audience. Her management of clinicians and employees within the non-profit arena have been very effective. She brings to her role at 4-Word Bound a wealth of experience in working with children, adolescents, adults and families.

In every role, Amber’s thorough approach has enabled her to bring a detail-oriented approach to the needs of each individual, program, and movement. She is genuinely passionate, ethical, service-oriented, and she possesses the skill set to empower others to succeed. She brings her expertise in the mental health and administrative/business management field to guide the 4-Word Bound movement.

We are grateful to have Amber bring her belief in our mission, research in harmful disease effects, dedication to the service strategy of 4-Word Bound.


Holly Christly, Secretary. recently relocated to the Roanoke Valley in 2016  from Jacksonville, Florida.  She is originally from Roanoke. Holly is a self-starter, logically minded, self-employed professional.  Holly thrives on Holly Christley - 4-word boundsolving issues.  She brings with her an inquisitive mind accompanied by an expository approach.  Holly has extensive experience in marketing and social media.  Holly’s passion is construction and building maintenance.  She has witnessed countless episodes related to mold, mold growth, mold transfer and associated dangers. Holly is passionate to provide the

education and awareness related to sick building syndrome to others.  Holly volunteers her

time and expertise to the 4-Word Bound movement.


Rochelle Madden, Treasurer. Educator, administrator, and learning strategist, Rochelle Madden is the Professional Studies Coordinator at Longwood University in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies Rochelle Madden - 4-wordboundlocated in Farmville, Virginia. As part of her collaborative work, she develops, coordinates and evaluates the continuing education programs offered at Longwood University. Rochelle’s formal education experience includes an Education Specialist Degree in Technology Education from the University of Central Missouri, and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Technology from Indiana State University. Rochelle has been a federal employee for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs serving the Chief of Education in the

role as a supervisor and has spent twenty years formerly as a professor at the University of Central Missouri.

Rochelle has been in professional work environments which have had mold exposure and has seen physical effects as a result. When finding out about the new corporation, 4-Word Bound she was dedicated to helping the founder start a grass roots movement in the local community for those who suffered from adverse health problems.


Jeff Mullins is a native of the area however most recently came back to the area from Indiana. Jeff is a dedicated professional in his field.  He is a self-starter, internally motivated and served others towards their achievement.  His experience includes leadership skills, collaboration and personnel management.  Jeff has worked in the information technology field for over 24 years.  Jeff recognizes the adverse effects of mold and Lyme disease and volunteers his support towards the company mission.


Cathy LaPrade has worked in the Property Management field for over 31 years. Cathy LaPrade has an Associates and Applied Science Degree in Architecture and an Associates and Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Cathy Laprade - 4-wordboundEngineering. Cathy LaPrade has obtained her ARM and CPM in the Apartment Industry. Cathy has served most of her career on the Virginia Apartment Management Association Board and local Advisory Board. Cathy teaches the National Apartment Leasing Professional Program and the Certified Apartment Manager Program. She is a guest lecturer at Virginia Tech Residential Property Management Program and the Law Program and guest lectures at the Liberty University Real Estate Program.


Tamara Santa Ana, DC has a B.S. in Human Biology her Doctorate in Chiropractic Vital Energy Nutrition She Tamara Santa Ana - 4-wordboundpracticed Chiropractic and Functional Medicine in Lexington and Roanoke Virginia. Tamara has over four thousand hours of post-doctoral Clinical Nutrition with emphasis related to cardiovascular, endocrinology (including thyroid, adrenal and fatigue issues), autoimmunity, digestion, Lyme disease and mold. Dr. Santa Ana  takes a global approach to issue identification/ root of conditions.  She provides personalized testing, education and awareness of related issues.

Dr. Santa Ana will be opening an in-residence facility where patients can gain a deep understanding of their own health issues and address them with one-on-one plans devised to regain health!


Jennifer Cannon. Jennifer lives in Michigan.  She brings with her extensive experience providing full service marketing, social media management and business based promotional/communications. She has extensive Jennifer Cannon - 4-wordboundpromotional skills

Jennifer encountered toxic mold many years ago.  Through her experiences addressing associated challenges, she turned “tragedy into triumph.” Jennifer is the founder of surviving toxic mold ( She is a supporter, advocate, and educator for those experiencing life challenges associated with toxic mold. She joined the 4-Word Bound movement in 2017.