I Can’t Find the Word

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A common element of “brain fog” (regardless of the cause) is difficulty connecting the right words with your thoughts. It is very frustrating to search for a word during a conversation. We have all probably experienced this phenomenon. But when it is a struggle to find many words, it can be both frustrating and frightening. […]


A Community Challenge

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Mold and mold illness are a challenge for communities throughout the nation. We are not alone in dealing with a problem in a single building. Discovering mold in and remediating the situation is expensive. Few school systems, municipal governments or businesses have budgeted funds to clean up a mold problem. When a mold problem is […]


Effects of Mold on Children and Mold in Schools: Bibliography

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  In response to requests from the community, we have gathered an initial listing of websites, articles, etc. about mold, the effects of mold on children, and mold in schools. We hope you find them helpful.   Effects of Mold on Children […]


Health Concern in Local School

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We have been contacted by community members and concerned citizens about the discovery of what appears to be the growth of #mold in one of our #Roanoke Schools in the #Roanoke area School District. 4-Word Bound, Inc. (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) and Roanoke Biotoxin (a subsidiary) exist to provide information and assistance to those challenged […]