What We Do

We live in a world populated by millions of people who possess the knowledge and/or skills to help others. The human experience is both broad and narrow – we know about illness and about treating and curing illness, yet we are reluctant to come together to share individualized experience and support with one another. The result is that each person suffers in silence, deprived of the wisdom of those who have walked this road before us.

Our collective knowledge is vast yet lacking the connections to assist one another along the road to complete recovery. Lyme Disease and mold related illnesses are medical conditions or illnesses whose sufferers can benefit in important ways from the support and the experiential wisdom of others.

When dealing with these and other illnesses we forget that we are not alone; we forget that we are made for community. Yet, we are not always ready to admit that we have something we cannot deal with on our own.

Watch the Birds: A Modern Parable

We all are familiar with the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together.” We would challenge you to stop for a few minutes and watch the birds as they glide across the sky. They are perfectly aligned, unified and collected. Their flight patterns are quite telling, to say the least.

Birds are individuals and function as individuals, however they are also part of the flock and they also function as part of the whole. The birds accept several roles as part of the flock and fulfill several critical functions within the flock.What we Do - Watch the Birds - 4-Word Bound

  1. Leader: Flying in a V formation is an effective way to reduce fatigue in the members of the flock. A large or strong bird with typically take the lead position.
  2. Followers: Each bird will benefit from the updraft created by the flapping of the wings of the bird in front of it. This creates currents of circulating air, generating lift for the birds behind it to take advantage of.
  3. Replacement: When the flock changes direction, a new leader will take the lead.
  4. Sick birds: A sick or wounded bird will drop out of the formation. One other bird will follow it until it recovers or dies.
  5. Fatigue: If the leader becomes tired, it will rotate back into formation and another bird will then take the lead.
  6. Resistance: If a bird falls out of formation, it will notice the extra resistance and immediately get back into the formation.


How We Work

At 4-Word Bound, we share in the philosophy of the birds. We accept and honor everyone in need of our help. We are here for you. We strive to be responsive to each and every individual’s need. Our facilitators work together with us as we glide and are guided through a continuum of support.

Our mission, at 4-Word Bound, is to assist and facilitate the development of support communities for

  • The sharing of coping techniques
  • Sharing published updates on treatment and recovery
  • Identifying resources available to help sufferers and their loved ones understand the diseases, the treatments, the social effects of the illnesses, and the path to recovery for each individual.

What We Do - 4-Word BoundWe attempt to identify and fill gaps in information, systems of treatment, support communities, and community awareness of Lyme Disease and the full range of Mold Exposure illnesses.

Persons dealing with and/or afflicted by mold and/or Lyme disease often experience additional mental, physical, spiritual, and or psychological obstacles.

Our approach is to serve as a catalyst in whatever stage of healing you need. Our 4-pronged approach of realization, restoration, replenishment and re-creation allows for individuals to be served according to their individual need at any point in their recovery. Many individuals may simply want awareness (realization). Others may wish to participate in and benefit from the full continuum of care.

Our facilitators will work with you to ensure that your needs are addressed.  We are aligned with area specialists ranging from medical doctors to nutritional experts, to remediators, to counselors. Our systematic approach addresses the community at large through education, alignment and collaboration. We assist individuals and their families toward recovery and re-creation of the mind, body and soul. Our facilitators will walk beside you every step of the way.

The effects of Lyme Disease and Mold related illnesses are diverse and extensive. Many experience feelings of isolation and brokenness that affects every aspect of their lives. No one should try to find their way to restoration and re-creation alone. We are here to help you find an appropriate community and connect you with the professionals and resources that can help you and your loved ones to navigate the path to complete recovery.

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